physical. 08/28/14


    Bench press:

    40 total reps @ 50% of 1RM

    Based on skill and strength at designated weight, choose either:

    4 x 10
    2 x 20
    30 + 10

    Rest as needed between, and keep strong position and a quick pace during each set. When scheme is listed as “4 x 10″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”.

    Then, 4 rounds of:

    8 Dumbbell power snatch @ 1/4 BW
    12 Overhead walking lunge @ same

    Overhead position considered, lunge is performed with same dumbbell as snatch and is held with one arm. Switch arms as desired in both lift and lunge. If position breaks, dumbbell may be held in 2 hands during lunge prior to scaling weight.