physical. 08/29/14

    Dave. Box jump ladder.
    Dave. Box jump ladder.

    3 aggressive rounds of:

    :30 sec. kettlebell deadlift @ 1/2 BW+
    :30 sec. rest
    10 Kettlebell Short swing“* @ same
    10 Pull-up (As difficult a variation as possible in each round)

    If designated weight creates/ forces a compromised position, make as minor an adjustment as needed to continue safely. If designated weight is unreachable with a single kettlebell, perform suitcase deadlift (2 kettlebells) and swing as much weight as possible.

    And then, immediately and in order:

    100 reps unweighted level-change
    100 reps kettlebell kayak** (25lb. W, 35lb. M)

    Level change: Perform sets of no less than 20 reps, and use no more than 3 movements total. Suggestions include: Squat, lunge, box jump, rocking chair, elevator.

    *”Short swing” denotes a heavy, short-range kettlebell swing with the intent of safely driving as much weight as structurally possible to just below chin height. Today, use weights designated above.
    **Our “kayak” is a full-range Russian Twist and involves trunk rotation and a touch of the implement to the ground on both sides of the body.
    L + R side touch= 1 rep.