physical. 10/18/14


    (Photo: Great insight/ reminder from writer Adam Farrah. Replace “Paleo eating and living” with anything challenging that you choose to pursue, and it rings just as true… strength training, martial arts, writing, coaching…

    There will forever be those that attempt to drag you down to their level, simply because they are unwilling to put in the effort needed to rise to yours… Never let it happen. -FTW-)

    Power clean:

    6 x 5 @ 50-60%

    Rest as needed between sets. If a set requires interruption, make as minor an adjustment as needed to perform the next uninterrupted. When scheme is listed as “6 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”.


    5 minutes Burpees from the bottom

    ”Burpees from the bottom” simply begin and end with your chest on the floor. Today, trainer will call out a specific number of reps and intersperse varied durations of rest between them, and athletes will remain with chest on the ground ready to go until directed (very similar to our sprint start). In a group, completing the designated number quickly will lead to a few extra breaths of rest between sets. If a set needs to be skipped due to fatigue, perform 20 additional burpees when the drill is over.

    And then, 5 minutes of the following kettlebell complex:

    1 Kettlebell swing clean
    1 1-arm kettlebell swing
    1 Kettlebell snatch

    1 + 1 + 1 = 1 rep. Goal is fluid, seamless transition from movement to movement, and hand-to-hand switches from side-to-side. Alternate arms as desired. Weight today is self-scaled and moderate.

    And, finally, 9 rounds of:

    3 Bodyweight row
    1 Chin-up
    3 Ab wheel roll-outs (Or, if position breaks, 6 V-up)