physical. 10/30/14

    "If you feel alive in a darkened room, do you know the name of your solitude..."

    6 rounds of:

    2 Goblet squat @ as heavy as possible
    4 1-arm kettlebell Thruster @ 50% of Goblet squat
    Up to 1 minute rest

    Thruster: Switch arms as desired. If squat mechanics or range of motion fail, Thruster becomes push press/ push jerk. Weight does not decrease unless push press also fails.

    Then, 12- 10- 8- 6- 4- 2 of:

    Lateral slam ball (15lb. W, 20lb. M)
    Pull-up/ Chin-up/ Mixed grip

    Pull-up: If available, pull-up may utilize different handles by round as desired (rings, ropes, globes, etc.). Today, use strict pull-up, kicking/ kipping pull-up, or jumping pull-up. No butterfly.

    And then, Airdyne:

    3 minutes forward
    1 minute arms-only
    3 minutes backward
    1 minute arms-only
    3 minutes forward

    All rounds are performed at a non-lazy pace, and with non-lazy posture.