physical. 11/12/14

    Mural (September 2008).

    10 minutes of:

    5 Pull-up (Change grips and/ or implement by round as desired)
    10 Sit-up (Vary by round as desired- no Abmat)

    Keep sets uninterrupted, and make challenging choices in each round. Sit-up suggestions: Ab wheel roll-outs, V-up, 360, knees-to-elbows.

    Then, 5 minutes of:

    10 Kettlebell Power swing (20lb. W, 30lb. M)
    5 Bodyweight row (Change grips and/ or implement by round as desired)

    ”Power swing” ends at chin level and we drag the kettlebell down as viciously as we drive it up. Weight should be light enough that there is a visible difference in speed between regular and power swing.

    And then, 10 minutes of:

    Airdyne @ 50% of max RPM

    Goal today is a strong pace and positional focus in all movements, all rounds. Rest between rounds, not during.