physical. 01/16/14

    Cait. Broad jump.
    Cait. Broad jump.

    Turkish Get-up:

    2L, 2R x 2 @ weight 1 (Light)
    2L, 2R @ weight 2 (Moderate)
    2L, 2R @ weight 3 (Heavy)

    Rest as needed between sets (up to 1 minute).
    Goal for weight 3 is one increment below our previous 1RM.


    30 Double-under
    15 Push-up
    5 Chin-up/ weighted chin-up

    x 3

    For weighted chin-up, select a weight that allows for 5 challenging, uninterrupted reps in each set.

    And then, for time:

    15yd. broad jump
    5 Jump squat

    x 5

    Count total number of broad jumps needed to complete 5 rounds.
    Today, low score wins.