physical. 03/15/14

    5 Barbell ground-to-overhead lifts*
    1 minute rest

    x 5

    Choose one lift/ sequence of lifts and stick with it throughout. Weight is 75% of 1RM in the lift (Ex. power snatch), or 75% of 1RM of the weakest lift in the sequence (Ex. power clean + push press).

    Then, for time:

    100 1-arm kettlebell swing (35lb. W, 55lb. M)
    75 V-up
    50 Jumping pull-up
    25 Rocking chair

    Complete all designated reps before moving to next section. Move quickly, not recklessly; speed is not a substitute for form (even when there is a clock on the workout).

    And then, if desired, make up either:

    physical. 03/12/14


    physical. 03/14/14

    *Lift choices today are: Power snatch, power clean + push press/ push jerk, Snatch grip deadlift + hang power snatch.