physical. 03/17/14

    Erin. Double kettlebell windmill.
    Erin. Double kettlebell windmill.


    5- 5- 5- 5- 5- 5

    Weight stays the same throughout (denoted by dashes) and target is 65-75% of 1RM. Rest as needed between each set. Today, each rep requires a full 3/1000 count in a stable top position, and all reps are performed with an overhand grip; If the designated weight + the 3/1000 hold creates/ forces a compromised position, scale weight accordingly.

    Then, 4 rounds of:

    6 Double kettlebell windmill (3L, 3R)
    12 Ab wheel roll-outs

    Weight today is self-scaled, and each set should be challenging. Match top and bottom weight, and switch arms as desired. If double kettlebell version is not yet stable, perform same rep scheme as a single kettlebell windmill.