physical. 03/19/14

    Jake, Carrie. Kettlebell swing.
    Jake, Carrie. 1/2 bodyweight kettlebell swing.

    4 rounds of:

    20 Kettlebell “Short swing“* @ 55lb. W, 78lb. M
    10 Double kettlebell swing clean (35lb. x 2 W, 55lb. x 2 M)

    Then, 1 Tabata interval each of:


    and then,

    Weighted Abmat sit-up** (35lb. W, 55lb. M)

    Tabata interval is 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. Today, complete all 8 rounds of Airdyne and transition immediately into 8 rounds of sit-up. Airdyne: Match RPM or revolutions throughout. Abmat: Match reps.

    And then, skill work:

    Kettlebell snatch (1 and 2 arm)

    Practice with the goal of making noticeable improvement in position, execution, and fluidity. Keep the total number of lifts to 50. All lifts are performed at skill work weight (50% or less of 1RM).

    *”Short swing” denotes a heavy, short-range kettlebell swing with the intent of driving as much weight as structurally possible to just below chin height. Today, use weights designated above.
    **Keep kettlebell/ weight anchored at the solar plexus or above in each and every rep.