physical. 04/23/14

    Wayne. Push-up.
    Wayne. Push-up.

    40 Deadlift @ 60% of 1RM

    Partition sets as desired, or as posture/ position dictates. Rest as needed between sets. Beginner: Fewer reps in more sets. Intermediate/ Advanced: More reps in fewer sets.

    Then, 2 rounds of:

    15yd. push-up walk*
    15yd. burpee broad jump

    Take short, specific rest only as needed. If push-up fails, simply pause for a 2/1000 in a strong plank in place of it.

    And then, 2 rounds of:

    Kettlebell Sequence #1

    Around-the-body pass (Left)
    Around-the-body pass (Right)
    Figure 8
    Overhead swing
    Swing clean and press (5L, 5R)
    Full-range high pull
    Hand-to-hand 1-arm swing
    Snatch (5L, 5R)
    Goblet squat

    Using the same single kettlebell throughout, perform 10 total reps of each movement in order. Today, both rounds are performed at skill work weight. If needed, rest up to :20 sec. between each lift.

    *Our push-up walk is 3 “steps” forward on your hands in a rigid plank position + 1 chest-to-ground pushup: 3 + 1 = 1.