physical. 05/08/14

    August. 2013.
    Wolf Brigade, August '13. Miles to go before we sleep...

    30 2-count Turkish Get-up* @ 50-60% of 1RM
    300 Double-unders**

    If under 1 year training: Divide sets, if desired, into 10 + 100 x 3, or 15 + 150 x 2. Over 1 year training: Perform sets uninterrupted.

    *Our 2-count TGU helps us break the movement down into specific pieces by requiring a 2/1000 count at each transition point (There are 9). If we are skipping steps, making a technical error, or trying to hurry through a portion of the movement we are weak at, the 2/1000 will catch it and force an adjustment.
    **If the double-under is not yet in your tool box, perform 400 high-knee jumprope (with 5 burpees every 50 reps) or 500 regular jumprope (with 5 burpees every 50 reps).

    September. 2013.
    Wolf Brigade, September ’13. FFF/ PMA/ FTW