physical. 03/28/14


    “Conflicting Ideas/ Call to Arms” 7:25 (Tragedy – “Vengeance”)

    50 Kettlebell swings (35lb. W, 55lb. M)

    Then, for remaining time at at same weight:

    Kettlebell clean and press3L, 3R
    Kettlebell snatch3L, 3R

    Count rounds and half-rounds completed in 7:25.

    Then, skill work:

    Mace lifts/ swings

    (Pendulum front and back + shove, 10-2, 360, flips, varial, shovel)

    Practice with the goal of making noticeable improvement in position, execution, and fluidity. Keep the total number of lifts (divided between up to 3 movements) to 90.