physical. 04/25/14

    Medicine ball shuttle run (20yd. ea. @ 15lb. W, 20lb. M)

    Over 1 year: 100 reps*
    6 months- 1 year: 80 reps*
    Under 6 months: 60 reps

    *Complete 60 reps in 8 minutes= done. If time is missed, perform remaining reps in alternating sets of 10 while a partner holds top push-up position. Medicine ball remains in-hand but touches the ground at the end of each sprint. If needed, rest should be short and specific.


    3 minutes Airdyne (Forward, dowel in back squat rack)
    2 minutes Airdyne (Backward, no arms)
    1 minute Airdyne (Forward, dowel in snatch/ OHS position)

    And then, skill work:

    Mace lifts/ swings

    (Pendulum front and back + shove, 10-2, 360, flips, Varial, shovel)

    Practice with the goal of making noticeable improvement in position, execution, and fluidity. Keep the total number of lifts (divided between up to 3 movements) to 90.